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Why use WordPress? Recommendations from our WordPress Nerd

Why should you use WordPress?

WordPress is a free open source content management system that, in the right hands, can be used to create beautiful and dynamic websites. When WordPress first came about over 10 years ago, it was primarily used to create blogging websites. Over time, due to its ease of use and popularity, it has evolved into a popular web-based software program.

One of my very favorite parts of WordPress is the content management system, commonly referred to as a CMS. A content management system is a program what allows a user to publish, edit, add and remove content from his or her website without the need for special software installed on the computer. A CMS allows a user to make edits from any computer, without the fear of making a mistake that will affect the rest of the website or its structure. If a website administrator can create a word document or type an email, he or she is pretty much equipped to maintain a WordPress website.

Not needing special software is priceless — especially for those who, after a busy day at work, head home only to realize they need to make an edit on their website. With a WordPress CMS, an administrator only needs the username and password and a computer, laptop or even iPad to make the change.

So there, in a nutshell, is my favorite reason to use WordPress to build websites. It’s customizable, convenient and the best option for our busy clients.

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The Good, the Bad and the Cloud – finding the right project management tool for you

If you have ever been handed the title of “project manager,” either formally or informally, you know that assessing the ever-growing list of project management tools can be a task in itself. Building and delivering a successful project is much like constructing a building. You need planning, oversight and most of all…the right tools for the job. These days, there are an overwhelming number of project management tools flooding the marketplace, most promising to be just that – the only tool you’ll ever need.

Of course, any good builder knows that each project is different and may require specific tools, for a specific purpose. More importantly, any one tool that promises to do everything cannot possibly meet the needs of a real crafts person. I think of project management as a craft. Over time, an experienced manager has many tools in his or her toolbox, knowing how to choose the right one for the job. And, like any good crafts person, you learn to use your tools well, adapting only when the latest and greatest features greatly outweigh the benefit of user experience or personal style.

Assuming that you are free to determine how best to manage your project, here are some key components to consider when choosing a project management tool:

  • How large is my team?

  • What type of information do they need access to?

  • What kind of communication does each team member require to stay on track?

  • How comfortable are my team members, and potentially the client, with project management tools and methodology?

  • Most importantly – what tool(s) work for me…the project manager?

After all, a tool is only as good as the person who is using it. A good builder doesn’t need the most expensive or sophisticated tool – just like a good manager knows how to manage projects efficiently and without reliance on extra features that don’t add value to the process. How many projects are planned, executed and delivered using email communication and a spreadsheet , simply because the manager was skilled at building a project from the ground up?  The reality is this: a true crafts person sees their tools as an extension of themselves, and the manager becomes the cornerstone upon which any successful project is built. As any good builder knows, you must choose the right tools for the job, become familiar and comfortable with them, while making sure to hone your craft…one project at a time.

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