I work with a great source in the US, Extra Nerds. They are mostly based in rural areas so costs are very competitive (vs SFO, NYC companies) and quality is good. The folks I’ve worked with there are very sharp, and good at the deeper development work. They also do short-term gigs.
— Colin Donohue, Root Deeper Marketing
Setting up time and working with the assigned Nerd was very easy and worked well with my schedule. Sharron was very knowledgeable and easy to work with.
— Shawn Nunnally, Ed Map
I really enjoyed working with everyone at Extra Nerds! You have all been incredibly responsive and I feel like the project took very little time to complete.
— Sherri Oliver, Live Healthy Appalachia
I was very please with the work Sid and Extra Nerds completed for me. It was really nice to work with a company right here in the states for a really competitive price.
— David Cahoon, El Centro
These guys rock. The only problem I can identify are the clients, we got in their way and yet they were still able to slam dunk the project. We are gearing up for phase 2 in the next few weeks. Get these guys while you can, it’s only a matter of time before they take one of their projects public and they will be out here. Extra Nerds Rock!
— Keith McGrew, Travel Bank USA
The only thing that could make things better is if Sid and I could ever meet and I would buy him a beer. You all need to cast your service provider attitude in platinum and market it. As Sid knows, I am a little more than dissatisfied with my last service provider and their lack of and/or competent response. I found Sid via the online market years ago and have been impressed ever since. Thank you all!
— Greg Fogle, Charlotte Residential Services, Inc.
Extra Nerds is a great company to work with and quick to resolve any issues that came up. Definitely would use them again.
— Dan Wood, Leo A Daly
Steven from Bradbury really liked the website but…since I am actually the client on these projects, especially since my name is on the line... I would say that both of these projects were very easy and painless and that the Nerds are a delight to work with. So far all of the work that Extra Nerds has done has been worthy of the reputation that Kantner Design has in the community.
— Brandon Kantner, Kantner Design
Did a great job, adhered to budget.
— Jack Aizenstein, eMedicalNews
I really appreciate all the great work you’ve done on this. I’m hopeful it’s a big hit in the market because I think it’s a great product!
— Darren Mar-Elia, SDM Software, Inc.
Extra Nerds is an excellent team if you need to supplement your team’s nerdiness. They were friendly and great to work with.
— Dimentians