Can a WordPress theme be customized?

A common scenario I encounter in my work is when a client picks out WordPress theme, but it’s not exactly what he or she wants. The first question clients have is, “Can it be customized?”

The short answer is, yes, WordPress themes can be customized. How it’s done depends on the clients’ comfort level with coding.

In WordPress, it is the theme that determines how the website will look and behave.  It is not the same as the content that is added to the website after the theme is installed and configured with your customizations.

Within the theme exist several files. The two main files are called index.php and style.css. The index file determines what is displayed and where; and the style.css file determines the colors, sizes and shapes of the theme. Without these two files, the theme would cease to exist. You will also find several other files in the theme folder.

To customize your theme, you will need to access the files and edit the code found on the style sheet and header and index files. At this point, you may or may not feel comfortable editing code. If you do not feel comfortable, contact an expert in WordPress to make the edits for you (Like me. I’m a WordPress Nerd, afterall!).  Be sure the person speaks your native language fluently or you will surely have a very difficult time trying to get them to understand exactly what you want. Websites are designed with pixel perfection. Your WordPress developer should be able to speak your language with that same amount of clarity.

After you have made or had someone make your customizations, you are ready to add content to your website and go live!

Posted on January 14, 2015 and filed under Other.