Domestic IT Outsourcing: Tips on Choosing the Best Freelance Site for your Needs

The first blog in this series addressed some of the frequently asked questions in the industry about exactly what we mean by domestic IT outsourcing. The second delved a bit further into the topic by discussing the advantages of keeping IT outsourcing domestic. The third taught us some little known facts about time zones and how important it is for businesses to understand them.

Now let’s move on to some tips on how to choose the best freelancer for you and your business.

Increasingly, company owners are coming to realize that outsourcing their commercial, information technology, and design needs is the best decision they can take in order to be successful on the market and to get a competitive advantage in their niche. The fact of the matter is that hiring a freelance contractor is one of the best methods to save energy, time, and money, while finding talented specialists who can get the job done in a short period of time.

However, because the global and domestic freelance marketplace is filled with thousands of inexperienced freelance contractors, choosing the right one for you may feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are a number of websites for locating freelance technology talents which have proven to be genuine and trustworthy.  The following freelance websites are among the best when it comes to domestic IT outsourcing…

Top Freelance Websites

1. oDesk: this is probably the most famous freelance website available today. On oDesk you can find a wide variety of jobs for both beginners and professionals. This site is a great resource to start off with, but it is also a powerful resource for companies that are in need of talented domestic IT experts.

2. Craigslist: this well-known platform is much more than a simple website where you can buy and sell random items. Craigslist is a fantastic source of IT freelancers from all around the US, Australia or UK. Regardless of your country, if you are looking for exceptional freelance experts, look on Craigslist in the “gigs” section and post your job there. 

3. Elance : this is a great alternative to oDesk, offering a wide variety of potential employees eager to work for you. If you are looking for freelancers who can advise your company on the uses of technology to automate and streamline your business operations, Elance is definitely a great place to start.

4. Outsourcely: a little newer on the scene, but fantastically effective is this site which helps start-ups to find long-term remote talent that specialize in design, development, and content as well as customer service, marketing, and general business services.

How to Choose the Right Freelance Website

In order to make sure that you are making the right outsourcing choice, there are some points to keep in mind when choosing a freelance website. First of all, you need to ensure it is genuine. Whether we are talking about oDesk or Elance, Freelancer, or Guru,  all of these sites are known to be genuine. In order to avoid scams, do your research and check for online reviews, such as this in-depth assessment of Freelancer by Time Doctor - Freelancer Review: Gamify your Online Talent Search. Also consider IT forums for comments and suggestions. There is plenty of useful information out there to help you to find exactly what you need.

Make sure the website you decide to choose is accredited and offers all of the services that you need in order to find the best fit for you. Some freelance sites, like Elance, offer additional services that can help you to expand as a company and establish new connections. Services like Affiliate Program, Talent Cloud, Referral Program, or Payroll Program fall into this category as well.

Final Thoughts

Instead of hiring an in-house Information Technology Specialist, why not opt for a freelancer? Your IT needs can be domestically outsourced and you will potentially save both time and money in the process. Additionally, you get to avoid the tedious paperwork process.

And, if you need more than just some occasional freelance work and are considering contracting with an IT firm, check back next week for our blog on some successful ways to do just that.

Posted on April 17, 2015 and filed under Domestic IT Outsourcing.