AngularJS and Bootstrap CSS: It's Time to Invest

AngularJS, also known as Angular, is an application maintained by Google as well as a series of individual developers and corporations to address many challenges faced in developing single page applications. Angular is an open source web application framework, the main purpose of which is to simplify the development and testing of the application by providing a framework for the model view controller (MVC), that is, the client-side architecture, and also in commonly used internet applications. Angular implements MVC pattern so as to distinguish presentation, data, and logic components.

Angular adapts and utilizes traditional HTML to present dynamic content, whereby it allows the automatic synchronization of models and views by using the two-way data binding. Therefore, the framework insists on its testability and performance being up-to-date. There are many versions of AngularJS, such as versions 1.3 and 2.0, which are modified to accommodate more features.

Purposes of the AngularJS

AngularJS makes the application testing of equal importance to application writing. For the writing to be easy, the code structure should not be a hard nut to crack. The application also aims at separating the client side of the application from the server side. This helps the progress of the project being done and both sides are easy to use. It also helps in designing, writing, and testing of a business logic. That is, it aids in building an application. Most businesses make use of this advantage since their work has just been made easy for them. It also works by separating the document object model (DOM) manipulations from the framework logic. This helps improve the testability of the code.

AngularJS Bootstrap

Also known as the Bootstrap CSS, AngularJS Bootstrap makes the front end web development faster and easier. Bootstrap is designed so that it can be used by just about anyone, without any skills needed. It scales all your applications with a single code base and it is also applicable for use in your phone, desktop, and tablet.

Advantages of Bootstrap

With the use of this awesome application you get to use the beautiful documentation for HTML and CSS components. This makes it suitable for use by many writers and businesses since the work is really presentable. Bootstrap is commonly used in online sites due to its extremely user-friendly features.

Both Angular and Bootstrap are applications in which it is worthwhile to invest. The Angular application provides security to the user company because of less hacking to the company’s database. Angular is known for its declarative programming and is therefore used for building user interfaces and connecting the software components. There is also the imperative type of programming, whereby it is well suited for defining the business logic. The task of the AngularJS Bootstrapper occurs in phases after the DOM has been loaded. 

Also, the two way data binding features have its perks in that it reduces the amount and length of the code written and hence relieves the server of the backend responsibilities. The scope also modifies the HTML expression view and model by use of a controller. With all of these features, and many more, a company that uses the AngularJS and the Bootstrap can attest to how well this works for them. Also, you don’t have to worry about the versions being inadequate since, after every modification, you can always update your Angular application.

Hopefully, this AngularJS introduction and why it is a worthwhile investment has left you wanting more! Stop back next week for the second post in this blog series, when we talk about AngularJS and why Developers like it.

Posted on June 5, 2015 and filed under AngularJS.