Why Are Companies Increasingly Outsourcing Web and Application Development?

Application development, both for the web and for smart technology, has become a major source of revenue for companies around the world. Although completed applications can provide high revenue, they require quite a bit of time and money to develop and to properly test. Since companies are always researching methods to reduce operational burdens, outsourcing web development has become a common practice.  Not only is the original product time-consuming to create, but most web app development continues long after it has launched. Constant updates are needed to keep the application running and up to date and occasional bugs are common threats to any type of software. Consumers want updated and feature-laden applications, so skimping on development and maintenance really isn’t something that can be avoided by companies using applications as part of their business model.

The problem, then, becomes finding people who can work full time on app development and to maintain control over any ongoing issues in an affordable, timely, and efficient manner. Businesses don’t always have the resources to retain an entire staff for this purpose and that’s where outsourcing becomes a valuable alternative. Certainly, some research should go into selecting possible contractors or contract companies to hire so that the right people are put on the project. Checking reviews or testimonials is a recommendation. 

Oftentimes, it is easier and smarter to pay contract developers who have their own hardware and software than to purchase your own and then hire someone or have someone trained on how to use it. It can also be daunting to manage in-house development projects and might be better to just leave it in the hands of someone whose sole job it is to keep up with the industry and who knows the right questions to ask to give you what you want. You still maintain control over the product, but have a field expert doing the technical work. If you have the opportunity, it is always beneficial to have a project manager as the liaison between you and the developers. This ensures accurate and consistent communication, the establishment of a timeline and deliverables, and a clear mutual understanding of expectations. To read in more detail about the benefits of having a project manager, check out our blog series on the topic.

Generally speaking, outsourced labor can be more cost effective in addition to yielding better results, and is ideal for companies that need to quickly launch their applications in order to generate a profit to cover operating costs. Not only do contractors have their own equipment and programs, but they don’t need you to pay for ongoing training, nor do they require benefits or paid leave. Not that we’re against employee benefits in general, but technology moves so fast these days, it can be really beneficial to outsource that piece of your workforce.

In short, outsourcing is a viable choice for companies looking to decrease costs and increase the value of their applications. As the world becomes more connected, it’s only natural to want to tap into the global market. Application development is certainly one way to do that and hiring a reliable and professional team to do that for you could prove invaluable. And of course, Extra Nerds can offer you a project manager and highly skilled developers to see your software, website, or application development project from fledgling idea to fruition and even provide ongoing maintenance.  (C’mon, you knew we were going to close with a shameless plug, didn’t you? But we wouldn’t do it if we weren’t sure that we were right. Let us help you and your business attain awesomeness; you won’t regret it!)

Posted on October 7, 2016 and filed under Domestic IT Outsourcing, Other.