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The Extra Nerds Cloud Integration service provides your organization with a managed developer or team of developers to create or update applications to interface with third party cloud applications via public APIs in order to import/export data, automate workflows, and integrate data with other applications. Our Cloud Integration Nerds can develop processes and supporting applications ranging simple data exports to complex, integration scenarios involving scheduled tasks, real-time notifications, reporting, and various means of data transmission between servers and applications. We take the time to understand each part of your organizations application ecosystem involved in the integration project, your security concerns, the impact to end users, and the systems necessary to maintain the integration going forward. A comprehensive plan is presented and implemented with a clearly define project scope.



  • A vast familiarity with popular cloud APIs
    Our Cloud Integration Nerds have worked on projects interfacing with most of the common/popular APIs available today. We've worked on projects interfacing with Facebook, Twitter, Google, BaseCamp, Zoho, Xero, Frashbooks and many more. Thanks to modern API standards, integrating with most APIs involves the same skills set each time (JSON, XML, OAuth, etc.). However, each API is slightly different in how it's implemented. Some have very strict security. Others have complex data structures. Our Cloud Integration Nerds have dealt with a variety of APIs and know how to navigate though all of this, creating software to turn your integration specs into a reality.
  • An emphasis on secure data transmission
    Extra Nerds has it's roots in web development, and our Web Development Nerds are keenly aware of the security considerations necessary in their work. We bring this same level of security awareness to our projects dealing with Cloud Integration. With integration projects, data is flowing to and from applications, services, servers, domains, and even over the internet. It's vital that the data not only arrives quickly and free of data corruption, but also that the data was not intercepted along the way. With every integration project we work on, data integrity and security are at the forefront.
  • Modern approach to Cloud Integration using the latest industry standards
    All of our Cloud Integration Nerds are on the cutting edge with respect to industry standards, best practices, and emerging technologies. After all, we are Nerds. We love this stuff. You can rest assured that the solutions we provide will remain relevant having been built by technicians with a keen awareness of where technology is headed and what it takes to make sure today's applications stand the test of time.
  • No-Cost Project Management
    As with all off our service offerings, in addition to assigning Cloud Integration Nerds to your projects, a project manager (Project Nerd) is provided free of charge as your single point of contact to oversee your projects, ensure deliverables and deadlines are met, monitor project scope, and meet all project requirements satisfactorily.


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