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The Extra Nerds CMS Deployment service provides your organization with a managed developer or team of developers to create, deploy, maintain, repair, and migrate the most popular content management solutions available today including Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Our CMS Deployment Nerds can work with websites of any size and complexity ranging from simple blogs to complex, e-commerce solutions capable of handling large amounts of traffic and data with ease. With a focus on the most popular and well supported CMS frameworks available today and an expertise in the supporting technologies of those frameworks such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL, our Nerds are more than capable of handling your next project with speed and precision.



  • An eye for details
    For years we've been taking PDFs, Photoshop files, and drawings on restaurant napkins and converting them into beautiful, unique websites that have the impact and functionality our client's demand. Our goal is to take you vision and make it a realize, pixel for pixel. To that end, our CMS Deployment Nerds are highly skilled in CSS and are capable to nudging, shaping, padding, and shading your content until it's perfectly constructed with consistent typeface and color schemes. We then test all our work in various web browsers, including browsers on desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones to make sure our responsive layouts look great on any device.
  • We know the software stack up and down
    Our CMS Deployment Nerds know every part of each CMS we work with, from low level MySQL queries to high level CSS transforms and everything in between. Most like, your needs will never employee all of the skills our Nerds have available for empowering and fine turning your website. But you can take comfort in knowing that if there is something you need done we have the skills to do it.
  • Modern approach to CMS Deployment using the latest industry standards
    All of our CMS Deployment Nerds are on the cutting edge with respect to industry standards, best practices, and emerging technologies. After all, we are Nerds. We love this stuff. You can rest assured that the solutions we provide will remain relevant having been built by technicians with a keen awareness of where technology is headed and what it takes to make sure today's applications stand the test of time.
  • No-Cost Project Management
    As with all off our service offerings, in addition to assigning CMS Deployment Nerds to your projects, a project manager (Project Nerd) is provided free of charge as your single point of contact to oversee your projects, ensure deliverables and deadlines are met, monitor project scope, and meet all project requirements satisfactorily.


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