Database Development

The Extra Nerds Database Development service provides your organization with a managed developer or team of developers to create and manage SQL Server, MySQL, and SyBase databases. Our Database Development Nerds can create and manage databases ranging from simple relational database with a handful of tables to complex, databases with several tables, views, stored procedures, and backup models. With a focus on 100% up-time, redundancy, backups, disaster recovery, normalization, indexing, access controls, other considerations involved in Database Development, our Nerds are more than capable of handling your next project with speed and precision.



  • Every skill set involved in database is available
    Our team of Database Development Nerds have been over all aspects of setting up and maintaining databases of all sizes. We have Nerds with expertise in creating normalized table structures and highly functional stored procedures. And we have Nerds with experience at database administration, monitoring server resources, and performing backups and restoration. We've been involved in databases from top to bottom, so we understand the complexities of running large databases and how to balance the sometimes conflicting demands of user/developer needs and server resources.
  • Round the clock availability.
    Databases run 24x7x365, and many other systems depend on databases to be available at all times. When something goes wrong, you can't wait until 9AM Monday morning to fix the problem. That's where Extra Nerds comes in. We have Database Development Nerds in various time zones throughout the United States working at various times throughout the day and night. And when things are going smoothly you don't have to pay us to occupy a desk in your building. That's where the "on-demand" part comes in.
  • Modern approach to web development using the latest industry standards
    All of our Database Developer Nerds are on the cutting edge with respect to industry standards, best practices, and emerging technologies. After all, we are Nerds. We love this stuff. You can rest assured that the solutions we provide will remain relevant having been built by technicians with a keen awareness of where technology is headed and what it takes to make sure today's applications stand the test of time.
  • No-Cost Project Management
    As with all off our service offerings, in addition to assigning Database Development Nerds to your projects, a project manager (Project Nerd) is provided free of charge as your single point of contact to oversee your projects, ensure deliverables and deadlines are met, monitor project scope, and meet all project requirements satisfactorily.


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