Mobile Development

The Extra Nerds Mobile Development service provides your organization with a managed developer or team of developers to create compelling mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Our Mobile Development Nerds can create and support mobile apps ranging from simple mobile websites to native mobile applications that integrate with third party data provides and payment systems. With a focus on technologies such as ObjectiveC, Java, and the many mobile development platforms involved in Mobile Development, our Nerds are more than capable of handling your next project with speed and precision.



  • A large team with diverse skill sets
    One of the advantages to working with Extra Nerds is that you will have access to a large team of developers, should you need it. It also means that, if your mobile app requires a specific type of functionality that requires a specific skill set, we can probably find someone in our team that can help. For example, if your mobile app utilizes in-app purchases and needs to integrate with a third party for payment processing, we can find a Nerd that has specific experience with your selected payment processor. Our Mobile Development Nerds can work together with our other Nerds to find the right solution without needing to look elsewhere.
  • A plethora of testing tools
    Our developers know how important it is to create stunning mobile applications that run smoothly on multiple devices, whether it's the various version of iOS, Android, or Windows, or whether it's accounting for different screen sizes and hardware capabilities. That's why we thoroughly test all our code to make sure your mobile apps run consistently on every device. Our test environments and tools will catch issues before we publish your apps to the app marketplaces.
  • Modern approach to web development using the latest industry standards
    All of our Mobile Development Nerds are on the cutting edge with respect to industry standards, best practices, and emerging technologies. After all, we are Nerds. We love this stuff. You can rest assured that the solutions we provide will remain relevant having been built by technicians with a keen awareness of where technology is headed and what it takes to make sure today's applications stand the test of time.
  • No-Cost Project Management
    As with all off our service offerings, in addition to assigning Mobile Development Nerds to your projects, a project manager (Project Nerd) is provided free of charge as your single point of contact to oversee your projects, ensure deliverables and deadlines are met, monitor project scope, and meet all project requirements satisfactorily.


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