Nerdy Newsletter: November, 2015

Client Highlight: King Family Farm

King Family Farm officially began in 2002, though the founders have been involved in agriculture their entire lives. Both JB & Charlene have ancestors from southeastern Ohio who were involved in agriculture, some since the 1800s, so their roots run deeply. Still, they felt the effects of a fluctuating market. Through innovation, however, they persevered and became successful. As their business continued to grow, they contacted Extra Nerds to modernize their website, including the addition of e-commerce capabilities. We're so glad to see a local business grow and succeed and we're proud to be a part of it in our own small way.

Meet a Nerd


Nick Bauer, our Design Nerd, has over 13 years of experience in the design field ranging on work for small businesses to work on billion dollar brands for Procter & Gamble. He is a ‘Jack of All Trades’ Designer who works in various medias on and off the computer. Nick has a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Miami University and lives just north of Cincinnati with his wife and daughter, where he sits as a board member on the City of Sculpture for Hamilton, Ohio.

When he's not working hard being a Nerd, he's creating metal sculptures or furniture and playing indoor soccer. It's great to have such a talented and diverse designer on our team!

Become a Nerd

Extra Nerds is always looking for folks to add to our team. Do you have interest in becoming a part-time developer with a background in .NET and SQL Server? Our preference is for someone with knowledge of MVC, Entity Framework, and WebAPI. Javascript and CSS experience is a plus. Check out our website and if you're interested in joining our team then give Sid McFarland a call at 740-249-2200.

Extra Rewards

Be sure to take advantage of the Extra Nerds Referral Program. For every person or company you refer to Extra Nerds, you receive 1 FREE hour of development from one of our specialists. Not a bad deal, right? Spread the love!

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