What's Going on Lately with Microsoft.NET?

Microsoft's.NET is the programming framework created by Microsoft for developers to easily create applications and web services. A programmer can choose from a selection of codes in the library of the .NET framework that can be utilized without having to write it.

Microsoft decided to open source most of the .NET framework last year and it has been keeping the promise in the latest version of the .NET framework which is in the news for open source and cross platform features.

The latest release contains the RC2 of the.NET Core run-time and libraries. The programmer requires having these files simply in his folder to run an application. Programmers who are comfortable with run-time will be able to move ahead with their projects until ASP.NET Core tools are completed.

Many developers are facing compatibility issues of existing projects with the new update. Hence, Microsoft has decided to provide guidance to developers who are facing compatibility issues with the .NET framework programming model. They have also advised programmers to target the new platform when running new projects and to upgrade old projects to new framework only if necessary.

Compatibility issues are reduced by running on the newer platform by leaving the targeted .NET framework version unchanged for an app. The newer versions of the platform are better to work on because any compatibility issues in the older versions in the subsequent release of the 4.x releases. It is also advisable to upgrade to the latest version from any previous versions of the .NET framework.

It is suggested that the developer run the app on any of the .NET framework on which he thinks the app will run. The programmer should make use of API Portability Analyzer and .NET Framework Compatibility Analyzers to find out problems areas in his app. With the help of these compatibility switches, the developer will be able to leave out the features of the app that are causing a problem while upgrading to the latest version of the .NET framework.

Developers should also need to test applications if it is built with newer compilers. A slight change in the C# and the Visual Basic compilers that cannot be fixed but do not trouble in run-time. Developers must be intentional while building apps because of the change in the compilers.

The release of the RC2 is an exciting step in the information technology industry as it is a significant step forward for Microsoft’s cross-platform.NET. This plays a crucial role in the company’s plan for Windows Server 2016 to roll out. Smaller and faster .NET applications will fit the micro-services and containers. The Exchange Server 2016 messaging server is still not supported with the Windows Server 2016, Microsoft’s latest emerging product still in the preview stage. Windows Server 2016 is said to be released later this year and that’s when it will support the Exchange Server 2016.

For Windows, users and developers need to migrate to the latest version of the latest framework which is open source and works cross-platform will now run with lesser compatibility issues with your applications once you have updated to the latest version of the framework.

Hopefully this post has been helpful in identifying some of the benefits of using .NET. If Extra Nerds can help you and your business with any such services, be sure to contact us for a quote!

Posted on May 20, 2016 and filed under Microsoft .NET.